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April 19-29

Ancient Biblelands








May 7-15

Fatima for the May 13th Centenary








May 30-June 9

Our Lady's Dowry in the steps of Blessed Cardinal Newman and the Martyrs of England and Wales








June 7-15

Fatima, Portugal for the June 13th Centenary with Northern Portugal and Lisbon








July 5-15

Lourdes & Fatima for the July 13th Fatima Centenary with Montserrat & Santiago de Compostela, Spain








September 9-18

Venice & Rome, Italy and the shrines of Central Slovenia








September 18-28

Portugal, the Jewel of Europe for the Fatima Centenary







October 7-15

Fatima for the Oct. 13th Centenary of the Miracle of the Sun








October 16-26

A Pauline pilgrimage to Malta and Italy









October 26-November 5

Lourdes, Fatima, Montserrat & Avila